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"Bahar" which translates to Spring in persian, was born on a beautiful spring filled with light and joy. she is the new member of the series of chain wall hangings. its nomadic feel will add dimention and stillness to to your space. 

Chains as I see them are here to remind us of connectiveness , union and strength. 

This time Handbuilt from a rich dark speckled stoneware body, each link is shaped , and connected to its neighboring link in a tedious manner. a string of handmade stoneware beads is added to complete the piece.  this sculpture is interactive and can be hung in multiple ways using simple 3" nails hammered to the wall at 45 degree angle . "Bahar" is a  labour intensive sculpture that will not fail to catch the eye!

some of the chains are connected to others using natural linen cord. 

Measuring 17" wide as pictured and 39" down to last ring.

"Bahar" Ceramic chain wall hanging

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