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Handbuilt folded stoneware clay table lamp inspired by nature's undulations and fabric evokes a sense of organic beauty and tactile elegance. 
The lamp embraces the organic, fluid shapes found in nature, with undulating curves and folds reminiscent of rolling hills or gentle waves. The stoneware clay is skillfully manipulated to create a harmonious and flowing design, capturing the essence of natural contours.
The surface of the lamp is textured to mimic the folds of fabric. The clay is carefully shaped to resemble the soft, graceful drapery of fabric, adding a tactile quality that invites touch and engagement. This tactile aspect enhances the lamp's connection to the natural world.

Beyond its functionality as a lighting fixture, the lamp serves as a sculptural piece with an elegant presence. Its form and design make it a statement piece in any room, seamlessly blending with interior decor inspired by nature or a more contemporary aesthetic.

The lamp sits atop a balanced base, providing stability while complementing the overall design. The base might continue the theme of natural undulations or offer a contrasting element that enhances the lamp's visual appeal.

The lamp comes with a with power cord attache to an E26 lightbulb socket with thumb switch ready for use.Lightbulb not included.

Measuring 9" high and 11"1/2 at its widest.

"Zina" stoneware table lamp

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