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Asmaa Aman Tran is a self taught artist in Massachusetts, working with clay and fiber as her primary materials. She begun her ceramics and weaving journey in 2016 and since developed her practice independently.

Through her multi medium knowledge, she was able to explore traditional and contemporary techniques that shape what is her art today. The premise of Asmaa’s creative journey is an exploration and reflection of her visual memory of objects, nature and symbols that hold a deep meaning and reflect connection, femininity, fluidity and everything in between. Influenced by both the wabi-sabi’s cherished imperfection in objects and the cultural heritage of Morocco, where she was born and raised. “ I like to explore old age techniques and interpret them in a modern way, stepping away from factory perfect production. “

Her ceramics, which evoke everything from old moroccan doors to native moroccan body tattoos, combine a multitude of unique and exciting design elements, creating a cohesive body of work.

Her trademark design is seen in her recent work features draped interactive ceramic chains adorning walls by themselves or attached to objects such as as candle holders or face vases. The repetitive process allows creation to slow down, bringing intention as well as intuition to every level of the design process.

“ When I’m working on a piece, I let my intuition drive my creative process. “

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