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Handbuilt from a white stoneware clay body , fired to high temperature. The eye pupil is finished with vintage melted glass and glaze splatter. The sculpture can be hung in different ways using an open link to attach to other links as pictured in last picture. two open links will be provided.

This  ceramic link chain wall sculpture, reminiscent of an eye and water spring, is a unique and artistic piece that combines elements of nature and symbolism. The sculpture is crafted from ceramic material, emphasizing the artisanal and handmade quality. The round shape link chains suggests a sense of unity and continuity.

The link chain design adds a dynamic and interconnected aspect to the sculpture, creating a visual representation of relationships or the flow of energy. The use of ceramic links enhances the texture and tactile appeal of the artwork.

The sculpture's resemblance to an eye may evoke themes of perception, introspection, or observation. Additionally, the incorporation of water spring imagery adds a sense of fluidity and movement, symbolizing renewal, life, and the cyclical nature of existence.

Overall, this hand-built ceramic link chain wall sculpture is a captivating blend of form and meaning, inviting viewers to interpret and appreciate its artistic expression.

Measuring 52" X 13"1/2 as hung in second picture.

Ceramic chain wall sculpture

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