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This candlestick sculpture is a testament to sculptural elegance, featuring a design that mimics the graceful folds and drapes of fabric. The artist has skillfully manipulated the stoneware clay to create a captivating and flowing form.
The candlestick's structure incorporates carefully folded elements, adding a dynamic and visually interesting aspect to the sculpture. The folds create an interplay of light and shadow, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

 While serving as a captivating art piece in your living space, this sculpture doesn't sacrifice its functionality. It incorporates a candle holder, creating a harmonious blend of art and utility.

 When adorned with a candle, the sculpture emanates a warm ambient glow. The folds and draped elements contribute to the play of light, casting enchanting shadows and creating an inviting atmosphere.

Handcrafted detailing may include subtle variations in the folds, adding to the individuality of each creation.
This candlestick sculpture transcends its utilitarian function, offering an exquisite blend of sculptural artistry and the comforting presence of candlelight.

Measuring 8" 1/2X 7"
It is best to use with taper candles to avoid too much wax build up in the folds. 
To Clean up the wax, simply place the ceramic piece in the freezer for an hour, the wax will flake right off.

Brown folded Ceramic Candle stick holder

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