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A hand-built Moroccan-inspired wall sculpture designed to express your Moroccan roots and heritage serves as a powerful connection to my upbringing and moroccan heritage.  This unique piece of art is carefully crafted to reflect the rich and intricate aesthetics of Moroccan design.  Incorporating symbols that hold significance in Moroccan Amazigh culture, such as traditional tattoo art.The wall sculpture becomes a visual narrative of my cultural identity. 

Its presence on your wall becomes a conversation starter, allowing you to share and celebrate your Moroccan background with others.

Overall, the hand-built Moroccan-inspired wall sculpture is a beautiful and personal homage to my cultural heritage, acting as a bridge between my past and present, and fostering a sense of belonging and connection to my Moroccan roots.
The link chain design adds a dynamic and interconnected aspect to the sculpture, creating a visual representation of relationships or the flow of energy. The use of ceramic links enhances the texture and tactile appeal of the artwork.
Handbuilt from a rich stoneware clay body, the ceramic link chains are meticulously hand shaped and connected one by one to form the chain. a hand knotted cotton rope is added to add texture and interest to the wall hanging.
Measusing 35" X 9"1/2

Ceramic African wall mask

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