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A hand-shaped marbled stoneware and porcelain  mirror with hand-folded shapes resembling fabric is a unique and artistic piece. The mirror frame is crafted from a combination of stoneware and porcelain, known for their durability and earthy appearance. the frame is organically shaped by hand, and no two will ever be the same 

The distinctive feature of this mirror lies in the hand-folded shapes that adorn its surface. These folded shapes emulate the appearance of fabric, giving the mirror a textured and tactile quality. The folds in the stoneware create dynamic patterns and shadows, adding depth and visual interest to the overall composition.

The combination of the organic hand shape and the textile-inspired folds creates a harmonious blend of nature and artistry. This hand-shaped stoneware mirror serves not only as a functional reflective surface but also as a captivating piece of decorative art that brings a touch of craftsmanship and uniqueness to any space.
Measuring about 17" at its widest and 15" 

This mirror can be hung in different ways.

Sculptural ceramic mirror

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