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Two hand-built sculptural stoneware candlestick holders connected with a ceramic chain exude an eclectic charm, blending organic forms with functional design. These one of a kind candle holders boast individualistic character and artisanal flair.

The Rich stoneware clay lends a rustic yet refined texture, with subtle variations in color and surface detailing adding depth and interest to the pieces.

The ceramic chain connecting the candlestick holders serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose, enhancing the overall visual appeal while allowing for creative customization in how the holders are displayed, adding a touch of whimsy and artistry to the design.

These candlestick holders epitomize eclecticism, seamlessly blending elements from different artistic traditions. Their handmade nature imbues them with a sense of authenticity and warmth, making them perfect conversation starters and focal points in any eclectic or bohemian-inspired interior setting.
Measuring 22" from end to end , with chain steched out. Each candle stick holder is 5" tall and 1" 3/8 wide, the base is 3" wide. Use with 1" 1/2 candles. the  hand carved Candles are not included but can be purchased separately. choose option with candles.

To Clean up the wax, simply place the ceramic piece in the freezer for an hour, the wax will flake right off.

"Tafukt" chained candle stick holders

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